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Our showrooms and factory are conveniently located in the North of Wales. We also have a sales office based in the south east of England.

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From advice about the types and colours of stone, to design, templating, manufacture, polishing and fitting...

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Unique Natural Stone Memorial Monoliths – In Stock Now!

Our virtual warehouse of natural shaped slate memorials is now up and running for you to browse and pick the stone that fits your needs. All of these stones are currently in stock in our yard.

Please browse our selection of in-stock samples below by clicking on the gallery pictures. Product codes, measurements and brief descriptions can be found at the bottom of each picture.

Each of these stones is a unique piece of slate with its own character and so each piece needs its own description and picture for you to select the one which best reflects the look you want to achieve.

Natural Stone Memorial Monoliths in Stock Now! (click on image to view)

Our staff are here to help Call 01758 612645 to discuss any natural stone featured on this page.

Each monolith has been sourced and quality checked by us to reflect a variety of different natural and semi-natural monoliths which can be used for headstones.

We can polish one face if necessary for an inscription, we may be able to trim a piece down or we can provide a complete inscription and fixing service – just let us know what you need.

Simply give us a call quoting the stock number and discuss your needs. This virtual warehouse is updated each week to reflect new arrivals and sales, so if you select a piece it should be available.

Things to look out for when buying natural shaped slate:
  1. Dimensions: All these stones are different so we have taken approximate measurements to help you choose. These measurements represent either an average width, height of thickness or, when the stone is particularly irregularly shaped we have identified max and min for each dimension. As noted above, for some stones it may be possible to trim them down if required.

  2. Cracks: A natural slate memorial may have some cracks in the stone. All the pieces listed here have been checked by us and we believe are suitable for memorials.

  3. Pyrites: These are inclusions in the slate which occur naturally. Stable pyrites will take a very long time to break down and so will not change the look of the slate over time. Less stable pyrites can cause rust coloured stains. While these are natural and in their own way beautiful, we think you should know. So please note that memorials with a stock code starting with B are more likely to rust over time.