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Our showrooms and factory are conveniently located in the North of Wales. We also have a sales office based in the south east of England.

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From advice about the types and colours of stone, to design, templating, manufacture, polishing and fitting...

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Memorial Stonemasons

Cerrig Granite & Slate Ltd is at the forefront of modern memorial stone masonry. Our memorial designs can be seen from as close as your local churchyard to prestigious commemorative commissions in St.Pauls Cathedral and as far afield as the Falkland Islands. Cerrig produce quality stone memorials for both large and small commissions. Whether it’s a large commission to commemorate a famous anniversary or a memorial stone to remember a loved one – Cerrig has the answer for you in high grade stone and an excellence in service that we believe is second to none. Cerrig’s monumental service has also been contracted for decorative and informative/public information purposes such as entrances to national parks, historic visiting areas and sculpture pieces for public fountains.

It is a shocking statistic that 98% of headstones fixed each year in the UK are imported – mostly from India or China. Most funeral directors and memorial masons will not offer you any British stone memorials. Do not be fooled by the English sounding names in many brochures– they are not British stone and are mass produced abroad.

Cerrig Granite & Slate specialise in bespoke British stone memorials at very reasonable prices – usually between £1,000 and £2,000 with an inscription and fixed in a churchyard in the UK. We can also supply imported memorials which come in wide range of colours and shapes and will usually cost between £800 and £1,200.

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Call 01758 612645 to discuss your requirements in more detail – we will be happy to help and advise. All part of our commitment to excellence in service.