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Our showrooms and factory are conveniently located in the North of Wales. We also have a sales office based in the south east of England.

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Introducing Dragon Tableware by Cerrig Granite & Slate

Our designer slate tableware features cutting edge contemporary designs made from natural green and black slate which is hundreds of millions of years old. Each piece is crafted by hand in our workshop in North Wales. Our tableware makes a perfect setting for the presentation of food in a hotel or restaurant, using the natural riven surface of the slate to set off the food, with the designs giving the tableware a contemporary feel. Our condiment pots are a striking feature on the table and perfect for salt, pepper, butter and other single servings of sauces or spices for the table. Because we manufacture all the tableware ourselves, we are able to customise tableware to meet your requirements by changing dimensions and adding corporate logos etc. Give us a call to enquire about bespoke options. Our slate products will show naturally occurring variations in colour, tone and markings which are a feature of the product and part of their unique beauty that sets them apart from mass manufactured products.

Care & Maintenance of Your Dragon Tableware

Our slate products are sealed with a certified food safe formulation which helps protect it against stains from oil or acid in food. The slate should be washed either by hand or in a dishwasher with a mild detergent (pH less than 12) to maximise the life of the sealant. Abrasive cleaners should not be used as these can scratch the surface of the slate and/or remove the sealant. Small scratches can usually be lifted by rubbing with a damp cloth. If the surface of the slate has deep scratches, it can be returned to perfection by polishing the top surface with fine grit abrasive. If required, it can then be resealed using a food safe stone sealant or by wiping it with a small amount of vegetable oil. Food or leftovers should not be left on the slate surface for prolonged periods as it is possible for certain foods to cause a chemical reaction which may discolour the slate.

The slate can be put in the freezer or in a warming oven and the product has been tested and certified from -20C to 160C. Do, however, use gloves when handling slate tableware which has been in the oven or the freezer as they have a high heat capacity and will remain hot or cold for some time depending on their surroundings. Many of our slate products have stainless steel feet and these should NEVER be put in a microwave oven.


Main Plate 300x195x10mm
Side Plate 195x195x10mm
Large Runner 450x250x10mm
Small Runner 300x145x10mm
Cheese Board 300x300x10mm
Condiment Pot 70diax30mm
Coaster 95x95x10mm

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