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Stone and Slate Rainscreen Cladding

rainscreen cladding example showing close up on office building in terracotta colour

Cerrig Granite & Slate Ltd are one of the country’s leading specialists in stone and slate cladding for both large and small construction projects. We have a wealth of experience in sourcing, fabricating and fitting rainscreen cladding – and in particularly specialise in more complex shapes and structures. Our cladding work has taken us around the UK. From the Welsh Assembly building in Llandudno to the Snow Hill construction project in Birmingham, from shopping centres to hospitals and hotels in London.

We have the skills to be able to meet your specialist cladding needs from the machinery to cut and shape panels and attach fixings to fitting.

close up example of cladding outside retail store

Laminate Rainscreen Cladding

The use of natural stone bonded to a lightweight or granite backing has become very popular over recent years in the rainscreen cladding market. The lamination allows the durability and beauty of stone to be used with less expensive and innovative fixing mechanisms.

Cerrig have a wealth of experience in working with the laminate cladding panels to:

  • Drill anchor holes and cut Kerf grooves
  • Saw to size
  • Make mitre cuts and joins
  • Create soffit returns
  • Installation with a number of different fixing mechanisms

example of stone rainscreen cladding on side of office building

This cladding is typically manufactured overseas, creating potential over-runs and unplanned costs when the cladding doesn’t quite fit the building or gets damaged in transit. Cerrig save our clients money by manufacturing the fiddly bits around corners, columns, windows and doors which are the most common cause of problems fitting cladding manufactured to plan overseas.

We have worked with many different fixing systems and can advise on suitable systems for your cladding. Often there is more cost in the fixing system than in the stone panels themselves.

Recent companies we have worked with on laminate stone cladding include Tiles International, Brickability, A20 cladding, Massey Cladding, McConnel’s Roofing.

Call 01758 612645 to discuss your commercial laminate rainscreen cladding requirements in more detail.

Slate Cladding

The unique and hard wearing texture of slate has long made it a great exterior architectural solution on walls, roofs and floors. Formed by compressed layers of sediments from under the ocean floor, slate offers an amazing array of many different colour tones including greys, purples, and blues.

To achieve a robust slate cladding solution care needs to be taken in the selection and working of the material because of the cracks and lamination to which the material is prone and the amount of imported slate which does not have the same hardy qualities as domestic slate. In addition, certain types of cladding fixings are not appropriate for slate. If you have a slate cladding job please give us a call. We are often called in once problems arise onsite, but it is simpler for all of us if we can help source, manufacture and fix the cladding from the beginning rather than taking on a remediation job. In addition to slate cladding, Cerrig have worked with granite, limestone and sandstone cladding in the UK. Each of these presents its own challenges in terms of achieving a cost-effective, durable and effective solution.

As one of the country’s leading experts in stone rainscreen cladding, Cerrig can deliver you a complete solution or advise on your stone cladding as required.

Recent companies we have worked with on natural stone cladding include Vinci Construciton, Bullock Construction, Glass Solutions, Harris Construction, Triton Building Restoration, HSR Building Services.

Call 01758 612645 to discuss your commercial slate or natural stone cladding requirements in more detail.