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Commercial Stone Cleaning and Repair Services

man cleaning stone cladding with power wash Cerrig Granite & Slate’s experience in natural stone allows it to take on the repair and cleaning of stonework which has been damaged or marked. Our work has extended from cleaning cladding on buildings to replacing an ancient broken stone gatepost and from maintaining war memorials to replacing broken cladding panels. We are an approved Doff cleaning contractor. Repair and cleaning of natural stone requires substantial skill and experience to:
  • Ensure the correct stone is selected – particularly if it has to match existing weather stone. The quarry from which the original stone came may either now be non-operational or producing a markedly different colour of stone and sourcing the best match requires the experience Cerrig Granite & Slate can bring to bear.
  • Select the right chemicals to use which will achieve the desired effect without damaging the stone. We have on occasion been asked to undertake jobs which include repairing the damage done by the previous attempt to clean.
  • Use the right tools for the job. If the original stone has been hand chiselled, then the new stone needs to be hand chiselled as well. Cleaning stonework is also a job for specialised equipment to ensure, for example, that the stone is cleaned without destroying the mortar holding the wall together. Working at heights is also no problem for Cerrig, who hold all the necessary training and insurance to work at height on scaffolding and lifting gear.
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