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From advice about the types and colours of stone, to design, templating, manufacture, polishing and fitting...

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How Cerrig Work – Natural Stone Suppliers to the UK

From advice about the types and colours of stone, to design, templating, manufacture, polishing and fitting, Cerrig will use their years of experience to help you create a truly unique and distinctive room in your house or feature in your garden. Our generations of experience in stone together with a team of highly trained staff using a successful blend of traditional skills and the very latest state of the art technology make sure that quality is always maintained. Initial consultations are typically carried out free of charge and will cover types of stone that might be appropriate to use and their features. Because the range of materials we work with and which you can use in your home is so large, expert advice can save costly errors later.
  • What are the advantages of brazilian versus welsh slate?
  • Where should I use granite and where should I use marble?
  • What are the care issues with the particular granite that I am considering?
  • Why should I consider using man-made quartz material?
  • What different surfaces can I mix together to make my kitchen unqiue?
Following an initial consultation, we will provide you with a quote – but we will not hassle you to give an answer there and then. This is an important decision and it’s you who will have to live with it. We encourage you to take your time, look around and make sure of your decision. We will also invite you to the factory – if you live within easy reach – to see how we work and the range of materials we have first hand. If you can’t come, then do watch our video. Once you’ve accepted our quote and paid your deposit the real work begins. One of our templaters will visit your house to measure up. This will usually take about an hour. Once your chosen material is in stock we will start organising the most effective way of cutting your kitchen from sheets of stone and cutting it to a tolerance of about 0.3mm. We will then finish the details (draining grooves, edge profiles and so on) and then start polishing – first by machine and then by hand to ensure a truely exceptional finish. Finally the fitting team will arrive at your house on the pre-arranged day and time. This will usually be two people (as stone is heavy to carry) and they will typically spend between 2 and 4 hours with you installing your new stone surfaces, finishing any last details, polishing and tidying up afterwards. We would like to leave you with kitchen surfaces you could eat off.